The Awesome Productivity Method

The Awesome Productivity Method is a methodology that enables the practitioner, with the use of several free apps and online services as well as a notebook and folders, to achieve focused execution by freeing up the mind.

Each app has a specific purpose detailed in the execution plan below. The philosophy behind this method is that the applications take the mental strain off your brain having to remember “details and facts” and frees you up focus on executing on your tasks, goals, quests and plans.

Focused execution allows you to quickly and easily complete:

  • Specification – What exactly are you doing?
  • Automation – Automate as many of the tasks as you can
  • Repetition – Create frameworks, guidelines and procedures for repeatable tasks
  • Outsource – outsource anything that can be produced virtually following your frameworks, guidelines and procedures
  • Isolation – Isolate yourself to focus 100%
  • Elimination – Eliminate all distractions
  • Full Immersion – Fully immerse yourself in the task at hand
  • Quick Execution – Execute quickly using the Quick Execution Method

Download Xmind mind mapping software to edit the Awesome Productivity Method mindmap.

Here is the Awesome Productivity Method mindmap source file.

Click the image below to see a larger version.

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