1700 x Green Screen People
1700 x Green Screen People
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Green Screen People – 1700 x Green Screen People images to use in your courses & products


Are You a New COURSE, WEBSITE or PRODUCT Creator?
Learn How To Use This Done-For-You Media To Dramatically Increase Your Sales…


Fellow Creator,

Have you ever wanted to add professionally photographed images of people (without the background) to your courses, websites, documents and more?

Welcome to Green Screen People!

I’m going to show you how you can massively increase the production value of your next project using our huge library of high quality green screen images. Images like these.

You’ve probably seen other products online that contain super crisp images of people with the background removed. This is achieved in a professional studio with powerful lighting and a green screen backdrop that allows the background to be removed via special software. The average studio looks something like this.

The problem for the average marketer is that to create these images yourself not only will you need expensive camera equipment and lighting, but you’ll also need to hire the talent and ensure all the correct contracts are in place…get this part wrong and you could be stuck paying royalties on your product – something most product creators want to avoid.

More about Green Screen People images…

  • Professionally Photographed Images of People

  • Use for Your Courses, Websites, Documents and More

  • Massively Increase the Production Value of Your Next Project

  • Produced in Professional Studio with Powerful Lighting

  • Never Pay Royalties on Your Project Collateral Again

  • Super Crisp Images of People with the Background Removed

Imagine you could have INSTANT access to a vast library or green screen images that you could tap into for your next product, website or course. Images with different poses and expressions from different people like the ones shown below.

The truth is that your prospects are hardwired to respond to faces. One of the first things we focus in on when we are born is the faces of our family. This isn’t just because they are always around in those first few weeks. The brain has a specific circuit for recognizing faces called the fusiform gyrus, or the fusiform face area. And it’s this fact that you can use to engage your clients more effectively.

If there is something our brains love more than an imageit’s an emotion. Though you can of course get emotion across in words, we are masters at reading other people’s faces for emotional cues. In fact, you do it almost all the time. Facial expressions are universal, and we spend a great deal of energy and visual time trying to decode microexpressions on peoples faces when we meet them. Because we are always on the look out for emotional cues in images, especially of people, these are a great way to get across positive emotions to associate with your brand.

If you want to get an idea over quickly, then an image is by far the best way to do it. We can process images far quicker than we can process written text. Studies have shown that it takes only 150ms for us to process an image, and then another 100ms for us to attach any meaning to it. That is literally the blink of an eye. Words take us much longer to understand, even if you are a speed reader. It can take you from 2 to 10 as long to process and recognize words.

As humans, we remember visually, and we remember images far better than words. We can remember up to 2,000 pictures with only a little learning, and then recall these pictures days later. This is far better than our ability to remember and recall words. A 1998 study from Canada suggests we remember pictures better because they elicit multiple representations and memories when stored in our brains.

You can take advantage of 200,000 years of human evolution and tell stories with our green screen people that cut right to the heart of human experience.

We’ve assembled a vast collection of green screen images using our hand picked models who have been able to depict a staggering array of expressions, poses and moods to suit any posisble purpose for you website, product, eLearning or course.

Our collection is so complete, that you’ll never have stump up the high cost for individual image royalties again. We wanted to make this the only resource you’ll ever need for all your projects now and in the future.

Whether or not you’re introducing a new website, product or course. Explaining the features of something. Running an online quiz with correct and incorrect answers. Or Training for particular knowledge retention. Our high quality, professional green screen images will have you covered for all of these scenarios and more.Using the green screen people images is a breeze. Everything has been pre-optimized for you so you can add any of our high quality images directly to your next project with minimal editing or technical know-how. To make things even easier, the member’s area contains “How to” videos for a variety of popular image and video editing software as well as eLearning course authoring tools.

Our images integrate seamlessly and professionally into the workflow of the course, and help engage the learner as they consume content and complete online quizzes and assessments.

With our green screen people membership, you’ll never have to worry about where you will get the collateral for your next project or how much it is going to cost you. We definitely have you covered there. You also have the peace of mind that your licence covers you for any use of our images for the lifetime of your product or service.

Our green screen people membership really is a no-brainer for website designers, product creators, course designers and other professionals producing digital content that needs high quality images of people to engage their audience.

For a short time only we are waiving our monthly membership fee and allowing savvy entrepreneurs that join during our pre-launch to pay a one-time fee to access our entire collection forever. This is absolutely unprecedented and will certainly not be repeated. But you need to act fast as once we reach capacity we’ll need to revert to our monthly fee structure.

To get started click the “Add to cart” button. Once your payment is processed, you’ll be taken directly to the Member’s area where you can access all of the green screen people images and start using them right away.

Don’t forget, we show you exactly how to use our images in all types of image, video and eLearning course products so you won’t get stuck on some technical glitch that will prevent you making the most of your investment.

We really look forward to welcoming you to our Member’s area and helping make your next project a huge success. Click the “Add to cart” button to get started now.


A small sample of our vast Green Screen People Image collection

We Use Green Screen People For All Our Projects

Green Screen People Saves Us a Massive Amount of Money and Time

We produce a number of online courses as well as other digital projects. Green Screen People has been able to save us a massive amount of money and time. We will be using Green Screen People for all of our current and future digital projects.

Glenn Harrigan

– www.GlennHarrigan.com

How Much would You Expect To Pay For All Of This?

► Hire the models $2000

► Rent the studio $1000

► Hire photographer $1000

► Edit the photos $1500

► Your time and effort $PRICELESS

► TOTAL VALUE $5500+

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