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  • Motivation and real-world examples
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  • BONUS:  Start your own coaching business course
  • BONUS: Action Checklists, keeps you on track
  • BONUS: Course Design Template
  • BONUS: Course Marketing Materials
  • BONUS: Topic & Title ideas
  • BONUS: Course Video Script


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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Creating
Your Own Profitable Online Course Empire

Welcome to This Year's Most Anticipated Book Launch!

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you've been planning on building and launching an online course, today is your lucky day...

My mission is to help 100,000 course creators just like you to replace their income with profits from their course launch.

I've put together a special package to celebrate the launch of TRAINING PROFITS to ensure this valuable information gets into the hands of the right people.

We all procrastinate, I am guilty of it too!  But there's probably a really good reason you haven't developed and launched your online course already...

- you need the KNOWLEDGE

- you need the TOOLS

- you need to TAKE ACTION


Training Profits will give you all this and more so you can rapidly launch your course and start earning PASSIVE INCOME for your efforts.

The secrets revealed to you in my 8-step process


Finding your niche

  • Uncover This Little Known Secret to Skyrocket Your Success: Why finding your niche is crucial for success
  • The Number One Thing You Must Do to Prosper: How to identify your niche and validate it
  • Avoid This Costly Mistake That Could Sabotage Your Business: The importance of market research


Creating your course

  • Discover This Little-Known Secret to Course Creation Excellence: The basics of course creation
  • The Number One Thing You Must Absolutely Nail: How to structure your course
  • The 3 Most Important Keys to Captivating Your Audience: Tips for creating engaging course content


marketing your course

  • Unearth This Little-Known Secret to Course Success: The importance of marketing your course
  • The Number One Thing You Must Do to Skyrocket Your Course's Reach: Strategies for promoting your course
  • The 2 Most Important Tools in Your Course Promotion Arsenal: How to leverage social media and email marketing


Launching your course

  • This Little-Known Secret Will Transform Your Course Launch: The pre-launch process
  • The Number One Thing You Must Master for Course Success: How to create buzz for your course
  • The 4 Most Important Secrets to a Spectacular Launch Day: Launch day strategies


Scaling your course empire

  • Unlock the Key to Explosive Growth: How to scale your course empire
  • The Number One Thing You Must Master for Unstoppable Impact:  How to create multiple courses
  • Discover the 3 Most Important Steps in Building a Membership Site: The benefits of a membership site


Creating a community

  • The Ultimate Key to Course Empire Excellence: The importance of community in online courses
  • The Number One Thing You Must Do to Elevate Your Course Empire:  How to create a community for your course empire
  • Discover the 3 Most Important Strategies for building engagement and retention in Your Courses


Outsourcing and automation

  • This Little-Known Secret Will Revolutionize Your Course Empire: How to outsource and automate parts of your course empire
  • Elevate Your Course Empire with the Power of Delegation: The benefits of outsourcing and automation
  • Find Your Dream Team and Achieve Course Empire Greatness: Tips for finding the right team


Monetizing your course empire

  • Unlock This Well-Kept Secret to Maximize Your Course Empire's Profit Potential:  Different ways to monetize your course empire
  • Supercharge Your Earnings: The Crucial Step to Master—Designing a High-Converting Sales Funnel
  • Elevate Your Course Empire's Income Game: Unveil the 3 Most Vital Revenue-Boosting Tips

Only The cost of a cup of coffee!

Think about it, you probably spend the same amount of money or more on a coffee or smoothie each day...

Why wouldn't you invest in Training Profits to help you get your course launched more quickly and earning you passive income?

This really is a NO BRAINER and you'll  also be covered by my double your money back guarantee! 

- I want to ensure you take action and implement the strategies and tactics you're about to learn in Training Profits

So I've made your investment minimal, and made sure you'll have NO RISK by investing in Training Profits today.

- don't keep pouring your money down the drain, caffeinating up to the eyeballs trying to motivate yourself

Get Training Profits TODAY

There's probably a reason why you haven't developed and launched your online course already...

- you need the knowledge

- you need the tools

- you need to TAKE ACTION

- you need accountability

Training Profits will give you everything you need to BECOME A SUCCESS and rapidly launch your course.

Get started TODAY and launch Your Course in 7 days flat!

Training Profits is not just another book on making boring online training presentations...

It is NOT about following the same tired old model that doesn't inspire and isn't commercially viable

- yet what you will learn will open your eyes to what is possible and take your next training course to the next level

It is NOT about creating just a high ticket course, or putting up a website with some screen recordings

- yet you'll learn a powerful system based on the latest technology, learning methodology and sales psychology

Training Profits is A SHORTCUT

Creating a successful online training course is a skill that can be learned, and Training Profits is a predictable, repeatable formula you can follow to ensure your next online training course is a resounding success.

Whether or not your a trainer, new to training or just have a skill or passion you would like to share with the world...Training Profits is your road map for success.

Available Exclusively from This Page ONLY

When I was planning to publish and launch Training Profits, I wanted to get this valuable information into the hands of as many entrepreneurs as I could.  I thought about the traditional route of going through a publisher, Barnes and Noble, Dymocks or Amazon - but the barrier to entry is too high for most people on a budget.  

Additionally there are potential postage delays, lost books, damaged goods and more headaches than its worth.  When you grab Training Profits exclusively from this page, you'll get instant digital download, so you can start implementing the knowledge straight away for maximum impact to your bottom line.

Meet Leigh Burke, the author

Leigh has spent over a decade creating world-class training courses for fortune 500 companies including technology, finance, healthcare & software industries, as well as pursuing entrepreneurial success with his own best-selling training courses that have generated in excess of $4 million in sales for him and his clients.

Leigh now dedicates his time to helping his clients achieve life-changing financial freedom.  Training Profits the book is a lifetime worth of knowledge and experience distilled down into an easy-to-follow step by step formula that can set any course creator up for success.

What my readers are saying

Training Profits" has been the guiding light in my journey as an online course creator. As a solo entrepreneur running 'ExpertCraft Academy,' I relied on this book to elevate my single flagship course into a thriving online education empire. The practical advice on course structure and content creation allowed me to enhance the quality and engagement of my offerings, resulting in higher student satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth referrals. Leigh Burke's emphasis on effective marketing and audience psychology has helped me attract a larger and more dedicated audience, leading to a significant increase in revenue. Thanks to this invaluable resource, I've transitioned from a one-course wonder to a flourishing online educator with a promising future ahead.

Helen Mitchell

"Training Profits" is nothing short of a game-changer. Leigh Burke's book took me from a struggling course creator to a thriving entrepreneur in the competitive world of online education. The invaluable insights on identifying profitable niches and creating engaging content have significantly increased my course enrollments, and the effective marketing strategies outlined in the book have brought in waves of new students. The tips on course pricing and the clever use of upsells have boosted my revenue, making my business, "EduMasters Academy," more profitable than ever. Leigh's book is a must-read for anyone looking to succeed in the online course industry.

Sarah Lawson

"Training Profits" is an absolute gem in the world of online course creation. Leigh Burke's book provided me with the insight and strategies I needed to revamp my online course business, 'TechTutor Solutions.' The section on marketing has been a game-changer; I've seen a remarkable increase in my courses' reach and enrollment. The pricing strategies, in particular, have significantly boosted my revenue. Leigh's wisdom on understanding your audience's psychology and needs has allowed me to create courses that truly resonate, making my students more satisfied than ever. This book has empowered me to take my business to new heights, and I'm incredibly grateful for the knowledge I've gained.

David Hayes

Training Profits is a roadmap to your course success!

Double Your Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You read that right!  I want to make sure you're 100% satisfied and take action to implement the strategies and tactics you're about to discover in Training Profits.  To make sure there's no risk to you, I'm offering a 200% money back guarantee to all my readers.  Simply launch your course using my 8-step process, and if you don't more than double your investment in Training Profits, I'll give you double your money back - simple!

It's time for you to get your copy of my #1 Book!

Click the GET TRAINING PROFITS NOW button below, fill in your details and you'll be taken to the registration form to complete the process.  You'll then be taken to the download area immediately where you'll have instant access to my Training Profits book.

What's included:

  • All the secrets in my 8-step process               VALUE $197
  • A proven formula for launching course
  • The method to launch your course in 7 days flat
  • An action plan to ensure your success 
  • 20+ years of knowledge and experience 
  • Motivation and real-world examples
  • An unprecedented roadmap for success
  • BONUS: Start your own coaching business course VALUE $297
  • BONUS: Action Checklists, keeps you on track       VALUE $97
  • BONUS: Course Design Template                             VALUE $97
  • BONUS: Course Marketing Materials                     VALUE $97
  • BONUS: Topic & Title ideas - VALUE $47
  • BONUS: Course Video Script  - VALUE $47



Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Training Profits" about?

"Training Profits" is a comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step instructions for creating and profiting from your online course business. It covers everything from course creation to marketing and optimization.

Who is the author, Leigh Burke?

Leigh Burke is an experienced course creator and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in developing training courses for fortune 500 companies. He's distilled his knowledge into this book.

Is this book suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! "Training Profits" is designed for both beginners and experienced course creators. It offers insights and strategies that cater to all levels of expertise.


What specific topics does the book cover?

The book covers a wide range of topics, including identifying profitable course topics, creating engaging content, marketing strategies, pricing strategies, and much more.


Is this book relevant to my niche?

Yes, the principles in "Training Profits" can be applied to various niches. The book provides guidance on how to tailor the strategies to fit your specific niche.

Are there any additional resources included?

Yes, the principles in "Training Profits" can be applied to various niches. The book provides guidance on how to tailor the strategies to fit your specific niche.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Results may vary, but many readers have reported seeing improvements in their course creation and sales shortly after implementing the strategies outlined in the book.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes, the book comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can let us know and we'll make sure your issue is resolved.


Is it available in a digital format or print?

"Training Profits" is available in both digital and print formats, giving you the option to choose your preferred format.  We encourage all our clients to purchase the digital version as it is cheaper, delivered instantly and 100% up to date.

Can I get support?

Yes, we have a number of digital support channels available to address any questions or concerns you may have about the book or its content.  We also have options for those requiring more hands on coaching and done for you options.


How can I purchase "Training Profits"?

You can purchase the book directly from this website by clicking the "Get Training Profits Now" button above, which will guide you through the secure purchase process.


Do I need any specific software or tools?

The book is designed to be practical and user-friendly, and it doesn't require any specialized software or tools to get started.  Where tools may help accelerate or enhance the course creation and selling process where possible we recommend free and paid options.


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